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Lady/lady ships + park benches.

Love all the movies and shows here

“It’s not hard to be in love with Charlotte Sullivan. She’s amazing and I don’t have to use substitutions. She’s adorable. She plays this sexy, edgy, badass chick on TV, and then in person, she’s this sweet, lovely, geeky, adorable woman. We have a lot of fun together. I like kissing her.”
Aliyah O’Brien (X)

Aww how cute

They are so freaking cute


Maybe there is a war between Emison and Paily but everyone loves Grenna

He’ll yeah they does Grenna all they at least they are getting some action unlike Emison and Paily


Greer and Brenna being hot-blooded teenagers, making out even with parents in the house. Chasing Life, i like you! In some tv shows producers forget that lesbians also have hormons and not only give each other pecks. 

I know right I just hope they don’t cancel the show please we need Grenna forever they are my new ships

She picked who she love I hope she doesn’t regret it later I wonder if she’s still going to be working for him lols I will kill to see her come back with Greer trying to work

They love making out in a bed I wish it was a longer make out but that’s scene was too funny

They love making out in a bed I wish it was a longer make out but that’s scene was too funny



Has anyone talked about this yet:


Right? She just comes in with her sassy attitude and ruins everything.

She is is a horrible person why is Brenna friends with her in the first place


I feel like abc family wouldn’t promote Grenna so much if their relationship wasn’t going to go anywhere.

I feel the same way

She soon bad as I miss her on teen wolf